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Action Research and the


Essential Conditions For Implementing the NETS-A


Dr. David Shutkin

Department of Education and Allied Studies


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The essential conditions for implementing the NETS for administrators form a social and technical foundation for effective school leadership in technology integration. Throughout this semester we have been studying these conditions in relation to the NETS-A.  As a culminating experience for ED585, engage in a research project to assess the essential conditions for implementing the NETS-A in your school.


  • Based on readings, discussions, course projects and your lived experiences as an educational professional, develop a Project Proposal to include a literature review;
  • Assess the essential conditions for implementing the NETS-A in your school (addressing not less than 4 elements).
  • Select appropriate Web 2.0 applications or online technologies to represent your research findings;
  • Publish your research findings to the Internet;
  • Link your research findings to this Wiki.


Include in your findings:

  1. Literature review (addressing not less than 4 conditions);
  2. Presentation of your data (qualitative);
  3. Discussion of your findings;
  4. Suggestions for action based on your findings;
  5. Bibliography.


Literature Review:

In your literature review, please define each essential condition, comparing and contrasting how it is variously defined across the literature surveyed. Further, discuss how the condition is treated in the literture, i.e. what are the articles about, what are the educational and/or political perspectives of the articles, and so forth. Lastly, based on the literture, discuss the significance of each condition to effective technology integration.


Action Research

Action Research is a form of inquiry into educational practices. It is an informal, yet systematic process that provides a way to identify specific educational "problems,"  and it further provides a way to collect and analyze data to help plan appropriate remediation. This process can be carried out by an individual teacher in his/her classroom or with groups of educators for a school or district.





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